About Wayne

Wayne Still, Structural Integration

GSI Certified Practitioner

Wayne Still began to receive Structural Integration work in 1996, while seeking relief from chronic pain. He was so impressed with the result of the work he decided to become a practitioner . He trained at the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder Colorado. His teacher was “Painless” Peter Melchoir, one of the original people certified by Dr. Ida Rolf to teach her work in the early 1970’s. Wayne received his certification in February 2002 and is eager to share his enthusiasm for Structural Integration work with his clients.

Born in Saskatchewan in 1943, the grandson of homesteaders, Wayne grew up on a grain and cattle farm. After high school he travelled for fourteen years, working at a variety of jobs absorbing cultures and learning languages. In 1975 he settled in the Similkameen Valley, returning to his agricultural roots as a bee keeper and orchardist. Since 1979 he has owned and operated Vialo Orchard, becoming one of the area’s original organic farmers in 1981.

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