Continuing Education

by Wayne Still
backIn our basic training we are taught the important fundamentals of our craft. They stand us in good stead as we begin to practice, we get quite remarkable results following the ten series recipe Dr. Rolf left us. But Dr. Rolf also left us with the admonition that “Where you think it is it ain’t”. This was to encourage us to look further for the cause of an imbalance than where a pain may be manifesting. She taught us to see the body as an interconnected whole piece. So a pain in the neck may be more related to a problem in the knee than any disfunction in the neck itself. In the ten series we work on all parts of the body, finding and eliminating the adhesions formed in the connective tissue that create imbalances in the body. Over time we find the basic skills we learned, while effective for the most part, are not always adequate to deal with the complexities we are presented with.

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