What is the Ten Series?

rubThe Ten Series is a set of ten Structural Integration sessions designed by Dr. Ida Rolf. The goal of the Ten Series is to systematically work through all the layers of fascia, starting with the superficial layers and then proceeding deeper. The objective is to release attachments and blockages, such as scar tissue. Over time, physical and emotional injuries cause the body to become disorganized. By organizing the body’s tissue, we improve the relationship between body parts so that gravity can flow freely through them. This helps the body become much more efficient whenever it moves–whether performing simple, everyday tasks like lifting a cup or perfecting much more complex movements like leaping across a balance beam. As a Structural Integration practitioner, I can help re-educate your body to work more efficiently.

How Did Dr Ida P. Rolf Develop the Ten Series?

Dr. Ida P. Rolf (1896-1979) started using her technique in the1940s while living in the Bronx. Prior to the 1940s she had worked at the Rockefeller Institute after receiving her Ph.D. in biological chemistry from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. She got interested in alternative medicine because she herself had health problems that allopathic medicine could not address. Dr. Rolf used yoga as the foundation for Structural Integration and she was also influenced by osteopathy and homeopathy. What made her work original and different from all other techniques was the fact that she recognized gravity’s effects on body structure and function. In addition she firmly believed that the medium for inducing the structural change is the myofascial, rather than skeletal, tissue.
She first worked on people like herself who needed help and heard about her work through word of mouth. In 1950s she realized that she needed to put together a sequence of treatment that would apply equally to all bodies in order to pass the knowledge on to others, and so she developed the Ten Series.