The Seat of the Soul

by Wayne Still

universal energyIn the last column I made reference to connective tissue or fascia as being a self regulating system within the body. This time I want to explore that idea in more detail as it relates to both the physical and metaphysical aspects of our being.

At the time of conception the single cell ovum begins to divide into increasingly specialized cells, eventually becoming a complete human being. If we consider that each individual cell wall is composed of fascia, and that the cells exist in a matrix of fascia, it is apparent that the fascia must come into being before a new cell can be created. To put it another way, there is an intelligence which lays the foundation for the creation of the body. Since this intelligence is there long before the neural circuits which we normally associate with intelligence are formed, its way of knowing must come from a different source.
We are energy bodies. We differ from inanimate material in that our energies allow us the freedom to move about. Otherwise the basic building blocks of our beings are the same. The freedom which we have to move about and modify our surroundings is the life force which animates us. The stuff which holds our bodies into their recognizable, utilitarian form is connective tissue. Indeed, if everything but fascia were to be removed from the body it would not look much different than it does now. Can we then surmise that there is a connection between that which animates us and that which gives us form, strength and flexibility?
My namesake, Andrew T. Still, founded the school of medicine known as Osteopathy. Chapter 10 of his book “Philosophy of Osteopathy” is titled “The Fascia”. Here are some of his thoughts on the subject: It carries to the mind of the philosopher the evidence, absolute, that it is the “material man,” and the dwelling place of his spiritual being. The soul of man with all the streams of pure living water seems to dwell in the fascia of his body.
If we equate “soul” with life force we have the problem of how the universal life force “gets into” the body. And it is here that we move into the metaphysical aspect of our pondering on the subject of fascia. There is an energy aura associated with living beings. It can be said that the aura has a body rather than the other way around. If this is so, then the intangible energy of the aura is made manifest by transmutation into physical being. Fascia is liquid crystal which conducts electrical energy. Crystals also receive energy without the need for a physical connection to the energy source. So this ubiquitous material which invests every nook and cranny of our body to give it substance is at the same time receiving the energy which creates and sustains that substance. It is the seat of the soul.