The Healing Art of Structural Integration

If you can imagine how it feels to have a fluid, light, balanced body, free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress, at ease with itself and the earth’s gravitational field, then you will understand the goals of Structural Integration.

rubStructural Integration is the name Dr. Ida P. Rolf gave to the modality of bodywork, which she developed. This modality focuses on the body’s myofascial system. Fascia or connective tissue is a long chain protein molecule formed into the major support system of our body giving it form, strength and flexibility. when imbalances occur in the myofascial system due to stress or injury the resulting compensations manifest themselves as shortening or thickening of the tissue.

Structural Integration work focuses on opening and lengthening patterns in the connective tissue to allow muscles to regain their full range of motion.The work can be received in individual sessions or the basic ten series. The ten series is a methodical, structured “recipe” for working through the body from the soles of the feet to the top of the head in ten one-hour bodywork sessions. Imbalances are corrected with the result that the body is brought into harmony with gravity which becomes a supporting force for the body.

After receiving Structural Integration work clients report feeling lighter with a greater feeling of freedom in their body.

Structural Integration is a tool for changing how you define your body and your life. It releases stress in the system and brings new balance and openness to the body.

The Guild for Structural Integration is dedicated to the teaching of Dr. Ida P. Rolf.