After a Session

by Wayne Still

walkThe experience of having a bodywork session, whether it be Structural Integration or any other modality, can take us to another realm of feeling and intensity. Coming back to the reality of the session room and the world outside can take a time of reorientation. Here are some tips to help you with that process.

Walk, perhaps stroll would be a more appropriate verb. We are walking creatures, there is no more integrative movement that we can do than walk. Walking brings all parts of our being into awareness and will consolidate the gains we made on the bodywork table. Pay attention to any different feelings you have in your body, is your breathing different? How do your shoes feel? Does your shirt hang differently from your shoulders? Is the movement of your legs through your body easier? Are the left and right sides more in balance?

Pay attention to your being. As the day passes maintain an awareness of how you are feeling. When you think of it take a deep breath, allow the breath of life to flow through your body. Before you go to sleep and upon waking scan through your body starting at your feet and moving upwards. Make no judgments, just accept what is there.

Drink lots of water. Work on the connective tissue rehydrates it and releases toxins that were stored in the tissue. Drinking plenty of water will help to flush toxins out of the body while maintaining a necessary level of hydration. Physical activity. Moderation is the key. Keep up your regular exercise pattern if you have one, don’t overdo it just because you feel better. Pay attention to how your body feels as you work out. Is it asking you you to do something differently? What can you change?

Journal. Some find it useful to journal about a session and what came up for them. Images, memories, emotions and ideas are some of the things that may come up during or after a session that people find useful to journal about. It is also a rich time to look at your dreams and add them to your journal. Also, everyday activities that seem to spark something in you , that seem to raise your level of awareness, are good to add to the journal.

Whether you are having a ten series of Structural Integration sessions or a single visit to a chiropractor or massage therapist, following the above guidelines will help you to maximize the benefits you receive from the work. Enjoy your changing body.

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